Beauty Q&A: Are Sleep Masks Bad for Your Eyelashes?

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Beauty Q&A: Are Sleep Masks Bad for Your Eyelashes?
Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with your eyelashes and a sleep mask?  We can’t understate the importance of caring for your lashes, which is why we bring it up so often — like the time we tried to steer you away from removing your eyelash extensions on your own. But seriously, your lashes deserve all the love, and it’s all too easy to damage them without realizing. This realization leads me to my latest beauty curiosity. I was casually thinking about my own eyelashes (as one frequently does) and the ways in which I can avoid destroying them. Then I thought, “what about sleep masks?” And I made it my mission to find out if they can be damaging to lashes — so we can all rest a little easier. Since the dilemma is a complex one, I reached out to our friend and expert Faith Kim from Lashfood to get a definitive answer.  The unfortunate news Kim relayed is that sleep masks can in fact damage your lashes. "Sleep masks may cause lashes to grow crisscrossed as they are pressed down throughout the night,” she says. “For example, some people who sleep on their side may notice that their right lashes grow sideways or inwards.” But if you simply can’t go without a mask, Kim recommends sleeping on your back to relieve some of the pressure on your lashes. Changing your sleeping habits certainly isn’t an easy transition, but it will ensure that your lashes will stay safe throughout the night.  For extra protection with or without an eye mask, you can also apply a lash enhancer like the Lashfood Natural Eyelash Enhancer to help strengthen and nourish your lashes. “Keep the Lashfood Lash Enhancer on your nightstand and apply it like eyeliner before bed,” Kim explains. 

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