A Guide to Finding the Best Brow Gel For You

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
A Guide to Finding the Best Brow Gel For You

There’s something about brow gel that’s insanely addictive, especially when you discover the can’t-live-without-it formula you want to use forever (brands, don’t you dare discontinue our faves). The truth is, though, that the “perfect” brow gel is super subjective based on your specific eyebrow shape and brow goals. If you have thick, untamed brows, you might choose a clear strong-hold formula to swipe through your brows, whereas someone with barely-there brows needs a pigmented formula (in addition to a trusty eyebrow pencil) to make sure their brows even exist.

So to help you in your brow gel quest, we’ve gone ahead and created the ultimate guide to finding the perfect formula for you. One of these products is about to change your life — or at least, your brows — for the better.

Our recommendations, ahead:

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