5 Eyeshadow Pots to Try — Apply ’Em With Your Fingers!

Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Eyeshadow Pots to Try — Apply ’Em With Your Fingers!

I’m here to make a case for eyeshadow pots, the trendy new take on a classic cream eyeshadow. If you’ve never tried an eyeshadow pot before, prepare to be changed forever. Don’t ask me why, but products are 100% more appealing when they come packaged in a pot. So, even though eyeshadow sticks still a popular choice among the beauty obsessed, eyeshadow pots are the new heir to the throne.

These tiny, individually packaged eyeshadows typically come in either a cream or jelly formula with a highly blendable consistency that make for great travel beauty essentials. Whether you’re looking to touch up your makeup after work, apply a shimmery eye look in the back of the car or get out the door in less than ten minutes, eyeshadow pots allow for speedy, foolproof application — with your fingers, of course. Ahead, find five eyeshadow pots to add to your beauty stash.

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