15 Best Fiber Mascaras — And Why You Need One

15 Best Fiber Mascaras — And Why You Need One

If you’ve ever wanted to get the look of false lashes without having to deal with the fussy application process, messy liquid adhesive and precision in placement, consider a tube of fiber mascara your new best friend. Fiber mascara is basically the wunderkind product of the eye makeup, and more specifically, lash world: it provides multiple benefits, plus the look of lash extensions, with just a few careful swipes. Generally made with silk or rayon filaments that adhere to your natural hairs, the result is longer, more luscious lashes. What’s more, when your lashes are defined, your eyes are more open, which brightens up your entire complexion—in other words, a win-win-win.

How you use the fibers to your advantage, though, depends on your desired effect. Keep your look fresh by just coating your top lashes with a formula that infuses volume,  or add major length by focusing on the outer corners.  Want to focus on ultra-glamorous, red-carpet-inspired drama? Coat both top and bottom lashes with a tube that promises to deliver on volume, definition, and length with the help of a fiber-infused formulation. Basically, when it comes to getting incredible lashes, the options are endless!

And because mascara is truly the one makeup product no woman can live without, we couldn’t pick just one favorite. Click through our slideshow of our 15 best wands that either keep the fiber-rich formula on the side (the white, moisturizing cream should be used as a first step, or ‘pre-mascara’ move, before you actually sweep on color) ; or have the lash lengthening fibers already mixed into their color for one-step  application to lashes out to there! 

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