5 Makeup Experts Share Their Best Tips for Hooded Eyes

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Makeup Experts Share Their Best Tips for Hooded Eyes

We’re forever grateful for makeup guides that are personalized for our specific eye shapes, like how to apply the right cat eye or the perfect smoky eye. I mean, why wouldn’t we be interested in makeup artist tips that are basically tailored directly to us? With (at least) eight different eye shapes, it’s safe to say that there are flattering tricks that will complement and enhance some eyes better than others. A perfect example is hooded eyes, which are eyelids that are known for their lack of visible lid space. They also have a tendency to make successful makeup application difficult.

We asked some of our favorite experts to share their best makeup tips for those with hooded eyes. See their responses, ahead.

When working with a hooded eye, I like to keep the shadow very simple with a focus on a light matte color from lash line to brow bone and a darker matte color dusted along the lash line. I love using the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Eye Shadow Trio in Matte Luxe because you get a neutral “all over” shade and then two others to use as the “darker matte” shade in your look depending on how dramatic you are trying to go! The IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Shadow Brush #5is my favorite to use for this. I would then pair the shadows with Superhero Mascara, giving triple black pigment, extra definition, and lash volume to open up the eyes.”  – Jessica Ross, Director of Education at IT Cosmetics

Highlight the inner corner with a white or champagne shimmer to make the eyes appear more open. Wing liner slightly past the lash line to lift the eye. Use a medium shade, neutral flat shadow blending up past the hooded lid to make the hooded lid appear not so hooded. Curl your lashes and load them up with mascara to make the eyes look bigger. L’Oréalmakeup expert and educator Gabriel Almodovar

If you have hooded eyes, start by applying a light eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. The trick is then to use a deeper shadow in the outer corner of the eye and blend it above the natural crease. If you keep your eyes open and look straight forward while applying the deeper shade, you’ll be able to see when the shadow become visible. - Ingrid-Marie Johansson, Creative Director of IsaDora

I like to focus on the lash line. I find that tightlining lashes make them look fuller and then I use a light, reflective shadow on the lid close to the lash line. I like to use a neutral tone on the hooded part of the eye where the crease should be and sometimes I’ll just use a light bronzer. I use the same bronzer to sculpt the cheek and jawline. I also arch the brow and use a bit of light reflecting concealer under the arch. Lastly, I use a few coats of mascara and subtle shadow under the lower lash line to even things out. - Giorgio Armani Celebrity Makeup Artist Tim Quinn.

To give hooded lids an extra lift, apply eyeliner closely along the top lash edge and once you reach the outer edge of the eye, slightly flick your eyeliner upward into a slant. -Jo Levy, Director of Artistry & Education at Rouge Bunny Rouge

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