5 Eyeshadow Tutorials for Monolids You Can Totally DIY

5 Eyeshadow Tutorials for Monolids You Can Totally DIY

When tackling the beast that is eyeshadow application, blending isn’t your only concern. Eye shape is important, too — and can affect everything from placement to color choice. This can become particularly challenging if you have monolids, largely due to the fact that most eyeshadow tutorials cater to and focus on looks for double-creased eyes. Luckily, there are talented beauty gurus who have created an array of stunning eyeshadow looks specifically for people with monolids. We’ve rounded up our favorite of the bunch, ahead.

Keepin’ It Cute

YouTuber Sandy Lin shares how to get a sultry chocolate eye in this look, which features a soft, smoky effect and bold wing.


An Expert Explainer

Fenty Beauty’s own Priscilla Ono (and the brand founder’s personal makeup artist) shares how to slay an eyeshadow look on monolids in the tutorial below, complete with a smoked-out brown wing.


A Daily Eyeshadow Look

For the beginner beauty enthusiast (or anyone who likes to rock a natural makeup look), we recommend this tutorial by Hana Lee using (mostly) affordable beauty buys and shadows.


Cut Crease — But Make it (Kinda) Easy

Cut creases can be difficult for any eye shape, but can be particularly tricky if you don't have a double eyelid. YouTuber Judy shares how to get the look ahead, with an in-depth, half-cut-crease tutorial you’ll want to copy ASAP.


Pumpkin Spice Eyes

YouTuber Vivekatt slays a pumpkin-hued eye look in the tutorial below that works well on monolid and hooded eyes alike.

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