This Buzzy New Eyebrow Trend is Blowing Up On Reddit and We’re Trying it Immediately

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
This Buzzy New Eyebrow Trend is Blowing Up On Reddit and We’re Trying it Immediately

Makeup brushes aren’t the type of beauty essentials you can give any old home, like the lip gloss or lip balm you’ve kept on the bottom of your purse for months now. Much like something you’ve treasured for a lifetime, they deserve to be kept safe from the elements. The solution? A makeup brush holder that’ll keep ‘em free from harm and double as some personalized art for your vanity. So clearly, it wouldn’t be fair if we recommended just one makeup brush holder in a “one size fits all” type of way. All of us have unique taste, with different personalities and aesthetic #goals.

Read on to discover the perfect makeup brush holder for you, brought to you by the wonderful world of Etsy.

Trying to incorporating extra glitter into my life - glitter brows! CCW from r/MakeupAddiction

The one-of-a-kind eyebrow highlight look was created by Reddit User bikinipiglet. To bring the trend to life, she used an eyebrow blending brush to apply Makeup Up For Ever Aqua Brow in Brown Black, followed by Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Glamrock to create the subtle glitter right under her brow. To tidy up the line, she finished with a BH Cosmetics Pencil. Bikinipiglet included the note, “I’ve done this look before a few times but I never felt like it took off with anyone else, what do you think, would you wear it?”

Unsurprisingly, Makeup Addiction redditors had a lot to say in response. “So pretty! I am totally trying this!” comments twolimes. “I actually really like this,” writes another user, MaddieLionJones. “The term ‘glitter brows’ brings all sorts of cringy things to mind, but it’s very pretty. It’s a little more subtle than glitter on the eyelid, and highlights your beautiful brows in a way that makes me happy. If I had better brows I’d rock the shit out of this look.”

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