How to Do Winged Eyeliner

How to Do Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner has been a major beauty trend for quite some time now. It looks great paired with everyday makeup looks to give your look a little something extra but it looks equally as nice paired with a smoky eye for a night on the town!

Winged eyeliner can be a tricky skill to master, though. Getting your wings even takes a lot of practice, but once you get it you will be obsessed! Today we’ll show you two different ways to draw a wing to enhance your eye shape and make your lash line look super lush!

Using a Guide

If you’re a winged eyeliner beginner, you may find using a guide to be helpful when it comes to drawing your wings. To do this, you will place a small piece of tape at the corner of your eye and ensure it extends toward the end of your eyebrow. Make sure the tape is pressed up against your skin securely so that no eyeliner bleeds through as you apply it.

place a scotch tape under your eye

Then, you want to trace the edge of the tape with your eyeliner. Using the eyeliner of your choice, start at the outer corner of your eye and draw an angled line along the edge of your tape, making sure to stop just below your brow bone. 

trace the edge of the tape with your eyeliner

Then, you want to apply your liner along your upper lash line. Draw a thin line as close to your upper lash line as possible and extend the line all the way to the edge of your tape. When you’re done that you will carefully remove the tape. And, if needed you can trace over your liner again.

apply your liner along your upper lash line

Using tape makes it a bit easier in the beginning until you master the technique. If you have sensitive skin though you can hold a credit card or another object with a straight edge against your skin for the same effect!


If you’re comfortable with using a guide and want to kick things up a notch, or just think freehanding might be easier for you, you can draw your eyeliner without using a guide. To do this, you want to draw a thin line as close to your upper lash line as possible. You will start from your inner corner and work your way out, stopping at the end of your lash line.

Then, you want to measure how far out your wing should go. To do this, hold your eyeliner at the end point of your bottom lash line and point it upward diagonally.

Then, you will draw a thin diagonal line to match the guideline you just visualized. The line should be approximately 45 degrees up and out. Keeping your arm or elbow on a stable surface will help you gain more control with this step, too. The length of your wing is up to you but you never want your line to extend all the way up to your eyebrow.

Next, you want to make a straight line from the tip to the middle of your eyelid. Once you’ve done that, you want to fill in the outline with your eyeliner so that all the skin between the lines is completely covered.

Then, to finish you will want to thicken the line at the inner eyelid so that the wing gradually gets thinner as it goes into the eye.

Finishing Touches

If you have made any mistakes while drawing your wing, you can fix them with concealer at this time.

 apply concealer to erase mistake

Once your wings look even and you’re happy with your results, you can finish off your look by applying 1-2 coats of your favourite mascara!

And, if you need some eyeliner recommendations, check out some of our favourite eyeliners!

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