Why Maybelline Snapscara Is a Lazy Beauty Lover’s Dream Come True

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Why Maybelline Snapscara Is a Lazy Beauty Lover’s Dream Come True

While I love and appreciate an ultra-strong makeup remover — a formula that’ll dissolve a long-lasting lippie or waterproof mascara — some days I’d rather not bring out the big guns. And those gentler, kinder days call for a minimalist approach to makeup — a look that can be removed with basic warm water and face cleanser. Even if I dab on some concealer and swipe on some blush, mascara is a non-negotiable — even though it’s the hardest to remove. Well, that’s where Maybelline Snapscara Washable Mascara comes in; it barely requires any effort to take it off, or put it on, for that matter. Let me explain...

I got my hands on this new product for the first time about two weeks ago. Its packaging is meant for the beauty lover who’s keen on aesthetics, as the mascara color matches the outer packaging and has one side covered in cute little eyelash illustrations. Since I generally play it safe with basic black mascara, I decided to change it up by opting for the purple shade with blue undertones aptly named Ultra Violet. I quickly swatched it on my hand to get an idea of the color intensity and figured I’d test out how easily it came off — since it’s supposed to come off in “snap” and all. When I went to clean my hand with a makeup wipe, the formula disappeared in one single swipe, leaving my hand so smooth it didn’t feel real.

After that easy removal experience, I couldn’t get it on my lashes fast enough. As I do each and every morning, I curled my lashes (because if I don’t, they’re stubbornly straight) and then brushed three coats of Snapscara onto my lashes. My initial thoughts were that the wand did a really great job of separating my lashes and as I built up the formula, and my lashes didn’t clump one bit — magical. As far as the color, you really have to look for the purple on my lashes to see it; however, I do like that it’s subtle and makes my eye color stand out more.

Over the course of the day, the formula stayed put. Thankfully, no tears or monsoons came in the way of mascara that day because in that case, it might have come off in a flash. You see, this formula rinses off your lashes in seconds — seriously. When I took it off at the very end of the day, I used a makeup wipe and my lashes were mascara-free instantly. There was no pulling or really much effort at all.

So who is this mascara for, you ask? My answer: anyone who’s looking for an affordable, no-fuss formula that’ll enhance the look of your natural lashes. And most importantly, for the makeup lover who wants to save those waterproof makeup removers for another day.

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