The Secret to Longer, Fuller Looking Lashes

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To achieve long, luscious hair, we turn to everything from coconut oil to avocado masks. We’ve even been known to apply castor oil to our eyebrows in an attempt to grow those babies out to their full and bushy potential. But there’s one beauty element in dire need of nourishment that you may be forgetting—your eyelashes!

Adding L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Primer to your beauty routine will give your eyelashes some much needed R&R. But, what makes this primer so special? We asked celebrity makeup artist Sir John for the deets. “I love Voluminous Lash Primer because it saturates the lashes in a conditioning, volumizing one stroke application. It also allows your mascara to anchor to your lashes all day!” If Sir John approves, we approve.

OK, brace yourself for a lash miracle … (FYI: We had our editor Diana only apply primer to one eye so you could see the difference—and boy were we amazed!)

Get Longer Fuller Looking Lashes

Step 1. Start with Makeup-Free Lashes

Start with clean, mascara-free lashes.

Get Longer Fuller Looking Lashes

Step 2. Apply Primer to Lashes

Place the brush at the base of your lashes and gently sweep upwards, just like you would with mascara. Add a second coat—think of this as a deep hair mask, but for your lashes. Basically, too much is never enough.  

Get Longer Fuller Looking Lashes

Step 3. Swipe on Mascara

You’ll get the best results if you apply mascara while your lashes are still a little damp from the primer, mixing them together on your lashes. Sir John just suggests pairing the formula with with Voluminous Original Mascara

But don’t forget Step 4—batting your lashes like they’ve got a mind of their own!

Get Longer Fuller Looking Lashes

Secret to Longer Fuller Lashes

Diana applied two coats of mascara to both eyes, but only one included the primer step! Can you spot the difference?

** What special tips do you use for fuller, longer eyelashes? Tell us your secrets below! 

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