Channel Your Inner Gatsby With These 1920s Makeup Tutorials

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
Channel Your Inner Gatsby With These 1920s Makeup Tutorials

The Gatsby-inspired 1920s costume is a Halloween classic, and for good reason: It’s fun and chic. And if done correctly, you’ll look as cool as a character in a Ryan Murphy pilot. We’ve rounded up the best YouTube flapper tutorials to transport you to the roaring ‘20s — feathers, emphasized cupid’s bows and all.

The Classic Flapper Makeup


Step 1: She starts off her tutorial by priming her face with the Urban Decay De Slick Spray and a mix of regular primer.

Step 2: She then fills in her brows with a brow pomade, and creates the typical thin, round 1920s shape.

Step 3: Next, she primes her eyes with a sparkly silver shade; Jacky recommends the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Meow for this step. She then sets this creamier base with a silver glitter on top.

Step 4: Grabbing the L’Oréal Paris La Palette Nude 2, she adds dimension to her crease – and follows up with Noir from the IT Cosmetics Pretty Palette in the outer crease, with a mix of another L’Oréal Paris purple tone.

Step 5: Next, Jacky lines her eyes in a crisp cat-eye, and adds lashes, and coats them with the NYX Professional Makeup XXL Mascara.

Step 6: Jacky next applies her foundation and the NYX Professional Makeup HD Lavender Concealer to achieve a powdery white complexion.

Step 7: Jacky contours her face with a liquid bronzer and powder highlight – and continues to set her whole face with a white powder.

Step 8: Finally, Jacky lines her lips into a rounded, heart shape – emphasizing her cupid’s bow with three dimensional reds.

Gatsby Hair How- To


Step 1: After washing and blow-drying, put your hair in hot rollers.

Step 2: After removing your rollers, tease out your hair with dry shampoo – being sure to focus on the top and sides.

Step 3: Next, part your hair to the side, and place an elastic hairband around your head like a crown.

Step 4: Proceed to grab the furthest forward section of your hair and tuck it under the elastic, moving along with this step until all of your hair is tucked into a neat roll.

Step 5: Tease a couple of the front sections where your hair is parted.

Step 6: Finish it off with a cute feather clip and set it with a hairspray.

A Zombie (!!!!) Flapper


Step 1: Nikki begins by prepping her face with the IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

Step 2: After applying primer, foundation and concealer to her face – and proceeds to sweep a burgundy purple shade across her under eye, in her cheekbone sockets, on

her temples and neck to make her skin appear older and more zombie-like.

Step 3: Next, Nikki uses a grey shadow to fill in her lid and crease, and follows up with a soft silver glitter on the lid.

Step 4: Line your waterline with the NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, and coat your lashes with mascara.

Step 5: To add some more dimension to her zombie features, Nikki adds maroon gloss under her eyes and lines her lips with a deadly red in a rounded shape. She follows up

her lip look with a matching burgundy matte liquid lippie.

Step 6: Nikki finished off her look by adding final shadows to her neck.

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