LED Lashes — Where to Buy and How To Wear Them

Just when you thought crazy makeup couldn’t get any crazier –– wait until you see this. LED lashes are the latest trend lighting up the beauty-verse, and we’re not ready. With Halloween looming in the distance, this is the perfect addition to your next galacta-Tron-space-babe look or for a casual Instagram slay.

Here’s how they work: The lashes are attached to a wire that attaches to a battery pack that you conceal behind your head. Once attached, they have a few different settings so you can choose how you want to light up everything around you.

How to Apply LED Lashes:

Step 1: Assemble the lash battery pack, and pull out the activator tab.

Step 2: Use eyelash glue to adhere the lash strips to your eye.

Step 3: Apply the individual strip to your eyelid –– it should go more on your eyelid than on your lash.

Step 4: Attach the battery pack to your head –– you can either hide it underneath your hair or on top of it. (Yes, really.)

Step 5: Make sure both sides are plugged in so you can stun everyone around you with your light up lashes.

Where to Buy LED Lashes:

You can purchase these light up lashes at Cheap Smoking Pipe for $7.50 a pair –– super fun and affordable!

Will you be trying these light up lashes? Let us know!

 Photo Credit: @makeupnad (Instagram + Snapchat)

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