5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Video Tutorials to Make You Swoon

5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Video Tutorials to Make You Swoon

Depending on your personality (and possibly your relationship status), Valentine’s Day is either an excuse to cuddle up with your bae and eat an ungodly amount of candy or the one day of the year you wish you could skip entirely. Either way, you should spend the day rocking a killer makeup look because who needs a date when you have makeup?! We’ve rounded up our fave tutorials ahead from some of the best beauty gurus in the YouTube-verse to help you get that dreamy, V-day look.

Our picks, ahead:

We love a monochrome makeup look, and beauty blogger Tina Halada shows us just how easy it can be. She gives you the step by step on how to get a flawless beat that will make pretty much everyone you know fall in love.

If you love a good chit-chat GRWM, this tutorial by Kim Thai is the one for you. Watch her slay a gold glitter eye and pink lip — a simple and sweet look that works whether you’re on a date with your BFF or rewatching another season of the Bachelor from the comfort of your own home.


M Crowd Influencer Lonyea Maiden reminds us why a full glam beat is sometimes the way to go. Watch the video ahead and learn how to get her rose gold makeup look.


Why do one makeup look when you can try three? Beauty guru Daisy Marquez teamed up with her BFF’s (who also have YouTube channels) to serve us three different, but appropriate looks for the most romantic day of the year. This tutorial is perfect for the babe spending V-day with her best girls.


You could always keep it simple for Valentine’s Day or you could take it to the next level like YouTuber Jessica Vu in her “Anti” Valentine’s Day Tutorial. We still can’t tell if this is a makeup look or a work of art — what do you think?

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