Redditors Are Repurposing Their Liquid Lipstick in Genius Ways

By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
Redditors Are Repurposing Their Liquid Lipstick in Genius Ways

Liquid lipstick — you probably have mixed feelings about it, depending on the day, season or mood you’re in. Some days call for a liquid lip moment, while others call for steering clear of it and opting for a sheer coat of glossy lip balm. As we happened to discover on Reddit’s Makeup Addiction, we’re not the only makeup-wearers who exile our liquid lipstick from time to time. After swatching her liquid lipstick library and deciding she’s just not that into it anymore, Redditor makeup_momma started a thread asking her fellow makeup lovers to share creative ways to repurpose liquid lipstick so it’s not wasted. Check out four top hacks we’re loving, below:

I went through and catalogued my liquid lipsticks which led me to the discovery that I don’t really like liquid lipsticks. So what are some creative ways I can repurpose and use all this liquid lipstick? from r/MakeupAddiction

As liquid blush…

One of the top comments in the thread, commented by HuggyMonster69, is to put a blob of liquid lipstick on the back of your hand, mix it with a primer and then use a beauty sponge to apply it as liquid blush. We recommend mixing with a primer like Maybelline FaceStudio Master Prime and finishing with a setting powder for a long-lasting pop of color.   

As a sheer coverage lip color...

If you’re going through an anti-liquid lipstick phase, chances are it’s because you’re sick of that full-coverage opaque lip look. To continue using your liquid lipsticks for the color, Redditor sambehrs comments, “I use balm or vaseline on my lips with a few dots of liquid lipstick blended out for a sheer wash of color.”

As a lip stain…

If you’re looking for more coverage than the sheer effect you’ll get by adding in some vaseline, yumit18 explains, “I just use a teeny dab and spread it out as a long-wear [lip] stain.”

As super-pigmented eyeliner...

While we don’t encourage you to use liquid lipstick near your eyes, people are doing it and the result is a super pigmented, bold look. Lip products can contain ingredients that aren’t safe to use around your eyes, so definitely proceed with caution if you want to try and recreate the look.

And if you don’t think any of these hacks works for you, check out Reddit’s Makeup Exchange to make some extra cash and maybe even discover some gems yourself.  

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