YSL Flawless Makeup Look for Fall

October 23, 2017
YSL Flawless Makeup Look for Fall

A flawless complexion is always desirable when it comes to applying makeup which is why matte finishes are huge this fall! Matte products provide longer lasting finishes and make your skin look absolutely perfect! The right products will keep your makeup in check all throughout the day and night, and who doesn't want that? YSL BEAUTY has recently launched some amazing complexion must-haves for all skin types as well as some gorgeous new lip products so everyone can achieve this glamourous look with ease!

With these products you can apply your makeup in the morning before work and have it last not only through the workday but through dinner and beyond without needing to be reapplied! On top of that it comes in the most gorgeous packaging that is both chic and luxurious, plus the products inside provide you with coverage that won't quit!

So with that,Don’t stop the night, we got you covered.  Here is how to create a perfect complexion:

1.PRIME: Start by prepping your skin with theAll Hours Primer. You can apply the primer to your skin using your fingers or theYSL Foundation Brush.

This primer is enriched with a lasting complex which works to improve the wear of your foundation and make it so your makeup looks like it was just applied all day long! The formula contains oil-controlled actives to keep your skin looking matte without being too drying. The primer also has a pore minimizing effect so skin looks blurred and flawless!

2.COVER:Then you'll want to apply theAll Hours Foundation using either theYSL Foundation Brushor your fingers.

This 24-hour wear foundation is super long lasting and there is no need to touch up, even during non-stop activity! The impressive formula provides skin with full coverage and keeps it looking flawless. This foundation is waterproof and transfer-resistant. It also has an oil-control formula that keeps skin matte all day and reduces the appearance of pores!

3.CORRECT: Next, you'll want to apply theAll Hours Concealer. Apply a few dots underneath the eyes and over any blemishes or imperfections. Then, simply blend in the concealer using your fingertips.

This full coverage concealer camouflages dark circles and imperfections while feeling lightweight on the skin. No cracks. No creasing. Skin looks fresh all day long! This concealer is a great choice when you need long lasting makeup, as it has 16-hour wear!

4.PERFECT: To finish off your complexion makeup, apply theLe Compact Encre de Peau Powder Foundation. Sweep the sponge into the powder dome of the compact to pick up the product and then press it into the contours of your face in short sweeping motions. Repeat this until your desired finish has been achieved.

Setting everything with powder is the perfect way to ensure your makeup will last as long as possible and this powder foundation is the perfect choice. You can use it to create your ideal coverage and the formula mattifies the skin while still feeling weightless!


Now, to add a touch of colour. How to get the perfect & long lasting matte lip:

5.Then, for the lips, start by applying theDessin Des Levres Lip Liner Trace your lips to give them a bit more definition. You can either leave it there or blend out the edges using the lip blender on the other end to prime your lips. Simply blend out the line toward the center of your mouth to do so.

6.Finally, apply the newTatouage Couture Long Lasting Matte Lip Stain! Define the lip contour using the sharp edge of the lip marker and then apply one coat to the center of your lips with the widest side of the marker.

This lip stain offers intense pigmentation that is long lasting. It offers 3x more pigment and a 4x thinner deposit so you get that rich colour payoff without it feeling heavy. The matte finish won't budge throughout the day while feeling completely weightless on the lips!

These new innovations from YSL BEAUTY are sure to make you feel set for fall.Your makeup is going to look its best from the moment you apply it until you take it off at the end of the night!