Essie Shared 3 Holiday Manicure Ideas, and We Can’t Wait to DIY

Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | by L'Oréal
Essie Shared 3 Holiday Manicure Ideas, and We Can’t Wait to DIY

With the holidays quickly approaching, nail art is an easy and affordable way to get in the mood. You’ll feel festive without trying too hard, and a great holiday manicure can be achieved whether you’re just learning to paint your nails or practically a pro. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three holiday manicure ideas you can easily DIY. Bonus: These use Essie shades you probably already have.

Look 1: Buffalo Plaid

To get this cozy look, reach for Essie Really Red, Licorice, and Good as Gold. Together, they create a chic, festive mani.

STEP 1: Paint the nail with a coat of Essie Really Red.

STEP 2: Using a striping brush, draw two lines parallel to each other on either side of the nail.


STEP 3: Draw horizontal lines across the nail to create a checked pattern on the nail.

STEP 4: Using Good as Gold, draw thin lines in between the lines to create the plaid effect.


STEP 5: Finish off the look with Essie Speedsetter and let dry.


Look 2: Thanksgiving Leaves

If you’re looking to create a simple nail art look with a little bit of flair, try this leaf mani using Essie Hear Me Aurora, Good as Gold and No Place Like Chrome.

STEP 1: Start by painting the nail with a coat of Hear Me Aurora.

STEP 2: Next, draw two leaf-shaped loops starting at the tip of the nail and moving toward the cuticle.


STEP 3: Add a vertical and diagonal lines to mimic the look of a leaf.

STEP 4: Finish off the look with a clear top coat and let dry.

Look 3: Reverse French Mani

This elegant mani can be achieved in two easy steps using Essie Ballet Slippers and Penny Talk.

STEP 1: Apply two coats of Ballet Slippers for a slightly sheer finish.

STEP 2: Paint a thin coat of Penny Talk at the base of the nail in a half-moon shape.


STEP 3: Apply a clear top coat to finish off the look and let dry.

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