4 Seriously Inspiring Asian Eye Makeup Tutorials

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
4 Seriously Inspiring Asian Eye Makeup Tutorials

For many of us, YouTube plays a crucial role in learning how to successfully apply our own makeup from how to draw winged eyeliner to blending our shadows to create the perfect smoky eye or walk us through step-by-step instructions on how to make our eyes look bigger. No matter your eye color, eye shape, skin color or skin type, there’s a makeup tutorial out there to help you discover the right tips and tricks to look your best.

For Asian woman, eye makeup tutorials are a super helpful way to figure out how to define eyes and identify the best ways to accentuate certain features. There’s no doubt that there is a lack of monolid eye makeup tutorials out there, and the makeup world could use a whole lot more. Ahead, click through to see five of the most gorgeous Asian eye makeup tutorials on the Internet that cover everything from how to make your eyes look bigger to mastering the perfect glammed-out smoky eye.

Michelle Phan: Puffy Eyes (Smiling Eyes)

Michelle Phan has over 8 million subscribers on Youtube and is arguably one of the biggest beauty vloggers of all time. Her how-to video on “Puffy Eyes” explains how to recreate this youthful, cheerful look.


1. Combine a white and shimmery peachy pink eyeshadow to add along the lower lash line to highlight under your eyes to create an illusion of puffiness. . 2. With a matte taupe or brown color, softly create a line underneath the highlighting color to give an illusion of a shadow. 3. Use a combination of a darker matte brown along the outer part to create an illusion of depth and with your blending brush, gently soften the makeup to the point where it looks like a natural shadow.  4. Bring the highlighted color up and blend out to help open up your eyes. Important: Conceal any dark circles. If you don’t, the look will make your eyes appear even more tired. 5. Apply eyeliner on your upper lid, keeping the line as thin as possible. 6. Powder your face to make sure that your skin doesn’t look shiny or else your puffy eyes won’t stand out as much. 7. Finish by curling your lashes and adding a light coat of mascara.

Jennifer Chiu: How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Vlogger Jennifer Chiu is well-known for “tips, tricks and hacks,” many of which are beauty-focused. This video, in particular, was created for viewers with Asian eyes to learn how to make your eyes look bigger. Here’s how she does it:


1. Start by applying eyeshadow primer and curling your eyelashes. 2. Sweep a neutral shade of eyeshadow on your lids using a fluffy eyeshadow blush and blend fully.  3. To give your eyes dimension, use a smudge brush to apply a gold shimmery shade on the outer corners of the eyes. Pat the color just above your eyelid crease and use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend fully. 4. Using a black eyeshadow, add depth to the outer corners of your eyes and create a crease line to help accentuate your eyes. Use the fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend into a wing shape to lengthen the eye. 5. Line your waterline with a black eyeliner pencil and then use a black liquid eyeliner to create a long cat-eye in soft, quick strokes. 6. Add a light shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop. Use the fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend the color into your lid. 7. Apply a coat of mascara and then apply false eyelashes. 8. Line your lower waterline with a white eyeliner pencil and apply a black eyeliner directly underneath the white to make your eyes look even bigger.

Tina Yong: Easy Eye Makeup for Hooded or Asian Eyes

With over a million subscribers, beauty vlogger Tina Yong is another one of the most popular makeup gurus on the Internet. This versatile look can be worn for both day and night: 


1. For your base, start with a neutral-colored shadow to blend into your lid and into your socket using a crease brush. Be sure to leave a gap between your brow bone and your eyeshadow..  2. Set the base with a warm brown shade and use a crease brush to blend it out. 3. Apply a darker brown shade over the lid, but stop where your crease it. 4. Deepen your socket line using darker shade on the outer corners of your eyes and slightly above the crease. Drag the color out a bit to extend the shape of your eyes and make them look longer. 5. Using a white, shimmery eyeshadow, pat a bit on the center of your eyelid for highlight. Also apply a bit in the inner corner of your eyes. 6. Repeat the same steps on your lower lash line (except for the highlight).  7. Staying very close to your lash line, apply liquid eyeliner on your upper lash line – giving it a small wing on the outer corner. Extend the inner corner as well to lengthen your eyes. 8. Apply lashes (optional) and finish with mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Claire Marshall: Silver Smoky Eye for Monolids

LA makeup artist Claire Marshall decided to transition into the beauty and lifestyle vlogger atmosphere in 2010. This video walks us through the perfect silver smoky eye for monolids. Here are the steps:


1. Using a flat shader brush, use a cream shade as a base, working all the way up to the brow bone. 2. Take a dark brown shade on a smaller defining crease brush, starting at the outer corner. 3. On a fluffier brush, take a neutral shade combined with the cream shade and blend into the socket area of your eyelid. 4. Define the outer corner of your eyelid with a dark brown shade on a smaller, more defining crease brush. Starting at the outer corner, build the color up slowly to create depth and the illusion of a crease. 5. Starting at the very center of the lid using the flat shader brush, use a highlighting shadow – working it inwards and outwards, but avoiding going into the outer corner because you’ll end up brightening the area that you wanted to create depth in. 6. Combine two brown shades to redefine the crease at the outer corner to soften up the outer edge, but make sure it’s still defined. 7. Using a pencil brush and the same two shades of brown, start defining the outer corner of the lash line and blend them towards the center of your lash line. 8. Take a dark gray (almost black) shadow on an angled brush to use as a liner.  9. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Hero Image via Amanda Tralle (@_amandatralle)

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