6 Fourth of July Makeup Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy AF

6 Fourth of July Makeup Ideas That Aren’t Cheesy AF

BBQs. Pool parties. Bonfires. Fireworks. We love it when all of our favorite things come together, which explains our excitement for the Fourth of July. It’s a day to be festive and a time to celebrate freedom, so why not take the liberty of incorporating some patriotic shades into your makeup looks

Below you'll find our favorite ways to incorporate classic Fourth of July motifs in our makeup routines — feel free to try them all! 

Red Lipstick

If you want to be a little more subtle than wearing a full-on flag bikini we recommend opting for a bold, unexpected red like Lime Crime Matte Velvetine in New Americana, a flame red shade that’ll complete any look. 

White Eyeliner 

Try incorporating white eyeliner into your makeup looks this Fourth of July. You can rock a bold wing, dotted liner or an accent liner — it’s really up to you. If you try the look, we recommend reaching for NYX White Liquid Liner, a tried-and-true favorite that’s opaque and easy to use. 

Blue Eyeshadow 

Blue eyeshadow might seem like an obvious choice for Fourth of July festivities, but it’s always a good idea. Try Urban Decay Vice Eyeshadow in Evidence for your look, a shimmery navy that looks good on practically everyone.

Glitter Makeup 

Glitter is a fun way to switch up any look, so add a little something to your makeup with NYX Professional Makeup Face and Body Glitter in the traditional red, blue and silver hues. 

Hair Accessories 

Stars are a natural motif for Fourth of July festivities, but rather than opting for celestially-inspired pins, or a flag-inspired scrunchie, try Justine Marjan x Kitsch Vibes Rhinestone Bobby Pin instead. It’s all of the sparkle plus an undeniable cool factor, and best of all — you can wear it long after the fireworks have ended. 

Starry Nails

While stars everywhere can be a little much, placing Olive & June Star Nail Art Stickers on your mani is just enough to get the point across without taking it over the top. 

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