How to Wear Monochrome Pink Makeup

October 11, 2017

Millennial pink has been popping up everywhere lately, so it's no surprise that it's taking the makeup world by storm. Pink makeup is not an easy trend to pull off though, but when done correctly it can look feminine and flirty.

As a general rule you'll want to steer clear of pinks that are too bright. They're going to look too childish and actually age you. You will also want to avoid deep, vibrant pinks as they often look too intense to be worn all over the face. However, if you stick to natural, more subtle shades of pink, you can definitely pull off this beauty trend.

When it comes to the eyes it's best to stick to softer hues. It also looks better to avoid eyeliner and just opt for a volumizing mascara like the L'Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. It will still help define your lash line and give you fluttery lashes. Liner tends to look a bit harsh with the pink shadow, so avoiding it will give you a romantic eye look that makes you look well rested.

For cheeks, you'll want to choose a natural pink shade that gives you just a bit of a glow. Too bold and it won't go with the otherwise soft makeup look, but too subtle and you won't see it on the skin which could result in you looking pale and sick.

Lastly, for lips you'll want to stick with a pink gloss with sheer coverage or a pink lipstick that is more natural than bold. Try and find a shade similar to the one you chose for your eye shadow.

Monochrome looks in general can be tricky to pull off, especially when using pink, but it can be done. This look is a nice break from the deeper hues of fall while still being on trend. This look is also perfect for busy mornings because it doesn't take long to do but since it coordinates perfectly, it looks like you spent more time perfecting your makeup than you actually did - win!

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