9 Must-Have Waterproof Makeup Products

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
9 Must-Have Waterproof Makeup Products

There are far too many instances when we need our makeup to stay put despite unprecedented water exposure (i.e. a severe rainstorm after you forgot to check your phone for the day’s weather report, a spontaneous round of waterworks after the finale of your latest Netflix binge or getting sweaty after a day of errands). No matter the occasion,  we need our makeup to hold up against the elements and still look damn good after doing so. And that’s where the best waterproof makeup comes in.

The makeup overlords have blessed us with an impressive array of waterproof makeup: from quality mascaras that won’t smudge, liquid eyeliner that won’t run off of your face and even face powder that will actually stay on in the midst of a rainstorm. And yes, you probably do need all of them to add to a rainy-day-emergency-makeup-stash. Ahead, discover the 9 best waterproof makeup products to put to the test.

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