Tips for Wearing Nude Makeup

January 17, 2018
Tips for Wearing Nude Makeup

Minimal makeup looks are really hot right now; which is great! They’re perfect for all you busy girls out there who still want to look pretty and put together without spending ages on your makeup!

Nude makeup can be surprisingly hard to pull off, though. There are so many different nude-toned shades out there to choose from (which is awesome) but if you don’t know which ones are right for you, you can easily look washed out. So, we’ve got some tips for you!

Choosing the Right Shade

You want to choose nude shades that work with your skin tone rather than against it. This seems easy enough, but it can be extra tricky when we’re dealing with nudes. Here is a little guide to choosing the right shades for your skin tone so you get that “I woke up like this” look:

If you have fair skin, you’ll want to select honey and taupe shades to play up your features.

If you have medium skin, try tawny or caramel hues to complement your skin.

And, if you have dark skin, try chocolate, gold, or terracotta shades.

How to Get the Look

No-makeup makeup, or natural looks still do require some makeup. The key is to choose light coverage products that still let your natural beauty shine through! Here’s what you’ll need:


The key to choosing a foundation is to opt for one with sheer coverage or even use a tinted moisturizer. This will help correct any unevenness in your skin’s pigmentation and cover any blemishes while still looking like your skin!

Try theUrban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. It looks perfects your skin while looking undetectable on. Plus, you’ll love the light-as-air formula!



Blush will help add a healthy glow to your complexion so you won’t look washed out. The trick here is to stick with a shade that is in the same colour family as your skin tone but go a shade or two darker.

Try theNYX High Definition Blush. It comes in a ton of natural looking hues and you’ll love the beautiful flush of pigment it will give your complexion!



Choose shadows in a neutral tone with a subtle shimmer to keep your face from looking too flat. A slight shimmer on the lids will give a bit of definition to your look without looking bold.

Try theUrban Decay Naked Palette. This eyeshadow palette has everything you need to create nude eye makeup looks and you’ll love the buttery texture of these shadows! Or, check out some of our other top picks for nude eyeshadow palettes!



Skip the eyeliner and move right on to mascara for a more natural eye look. Avoid choosing a super volumizing mascara as it could make lashes look clumpy. Instead, opt for a separating formula that makes lashes look naturally full.

Try theMaybelline Total Temptation Mascara. The creamy formula contains coconut extract so lashes are irresistibly soft, separated, and full looking in just one coat!


Lip Balm

For a nude makeup look, avoid using lip products that give your lips an overly matte or glossy finish. You want something more natural looking, like a balm or oil, to give your lips just a wash of colour.

Try theNYX #THISISEVERYTHING Lip Oil. The decadent formula is enriched with a unique blend of oils so you’re left with soft, healthy lips and the right amount of shine!


If you prefer a lipstick finish, check out our picks for the 5 best drugstore nude lipsticks! Or, if lip balm is more your thing, we’ve got you covered there too; check out some of our top lip balm recommendations. Whichever option you go with is sure to complete the look!

Are you into the whole nude makeup trend?