Urban Decay is Posting Unretouched Makeup Photos on IG — And Our Day is Made

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Urban Decay is Posting Unretouched Makeup Photos on IG — And Our Day is Made

You know the drill: You scroll through your Instagram feed to be met with a lot of selfie perfection. Occasionally you double tap, and other times you just stare at poreless skin and blemish-free faces wondering what godlike, 74-step skin care routine they must devote themselves too. But in reality, most of the photos you’re seeing are altered, brought to you by photo editing apps that blur, transform and conceal the look of skin. And while we definitely don’t judge you for lovin’ your apps, we do judge you for not loving your real, unfiltered skin. Urban Decay agrees — the brand has recently started celebrating makeup artists and beauty influencers who embrace their real skin, and we are so, so here for this.

 If you’ve been on the brand’s Instagram account lately, you know what we’re talking about. Just take the work of Linda Hallberg or Meg of GlowAwayMeg for example, which was recently reposed on Urban Decay’s IG.  Their photos feature real skin texture and freckles and unsurprisingly, Instagrammers are mesmerized by this real beauty. “Shout out to those freckles! I love seeing real skin, don't get me wrong full coverage is great, but I look at this and I'm like yass queen that skin is lit!,” comments cassielynn82. Another user with the handle spookymeggy writes, “Urban I feel like you’ve really been listening to your commenters and started showing us REAL artists again, and not over filtered, photoshopped nonsense. Super inspiring to showcase real talent!! Love the diversity and humanity.” Excuse us while we get back to scrolling.

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