YouCam Wants to Help You Get #Flawless Skin

YouCam Wants to Help You Get #Flawless Skin

YouCam Makeup has officially launched their new skincare analysis feature and we can’t stop talking about it.

YouCam Makeup is our savior when it comes to adding lipstick or a few extra coats of mascara to a lackluster selfie. If you’ve ever played with the app before, there’s a good chance that you’ve tested out several of the pre-programmed makeup looks — like “Cleo,” which puts red-carpet-style makeup on your eyes, or “40s,” which lengthens your eyelashes and adds a bold coat of red lipstick. The best part is that the app will tell you how to create the look in real life using some of our favorite L'Oréal products — you can even shop.

So clearly, we’re excited about YouCam — and now it’s even better. There’s a new skin care analysis tool that scans your face in selfie mode in under three seconds to give you a general score about the condition of your skin. It even estimates your skin age — scary! But so fun. And you can save your results to your personal skin diary so you can track how your skin changes over time.

And while we can’t promise that the app will change your skin, (you’re going to need a real-life derm for that), it might make you more aware of what’s going on. And it’s certainly a fun tool to play around with on bare skin – before you test out some super cool makeup ideas, of course.

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