5 Lip Palettes You Can Mix and Match to Your Heart’s Content

5 Lip Palettes You Can Mix and Match to Your Heart’s Content

When it comes to lipstick, a shade is so much more than a shade. It’s a mood, a motion, a statement. Sometimes that shade is easily found in your local drugstore, and then there are those times that you need something perfectly customized to your needs. That's where the lip palette comes in. With that in mind we've rounded up the best lip palettes money can buy. 

Our picks, ahead: 

Maybelline LipStudio Color Contour Lip Palette

Some palettes can be pretty confusing — the shades are endless, and you’re not quite sure which colors go where. The Maybelline Lip Studio Contour Lip Palette changes that because it’s so well organized. It has three liner shades, three lip colors and a highlighter for playing up your cupid’s bow or adding a dab of glow to the center of your lips.

Urban Decay Vice Meets Metal Meets Matte Lipstick Palette

This lip palette is designed to take you from a day to night lip look without missing a beat. The shades are grouped by color family, and every matte shade has a metallic mate. You can keep it neutral or kick it up a notch with a shimmery finish. Formulated with the Vice Lipstick formula you know and love — this palette is pretty much a no-brainer.

YSL Lip Palette Collector Spring Look 2018

This collector’s edition lip palette is the prettiest thing you’ll buy all year. Inspired by a “psychedelic dream world,” this palette features five iconic YSL shades. The lippies have a slick finish — perfect for getting that shiny lip look.

L’Oréal Paris Cosmetics Colour Riche La Palette Lip Red

All the colors in the La Palette Lip work together to create dimensional lip looks that compliment a wide range of skin tones and undertones. The palette is currently available in three different color families (pink, nude and plum) so the options are endless.

NYX Professional Makeup Pro Lip Cream Palette in The Nudes

We can’t resist a good nude lip, especially one that’s perfectly customized to fit us. The Pro Lip Cream palette gives you six expertly coordinated color combinations that can be worn on their own or mixed together to get a perfect nude just for you.

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