This Hack for Fixing Dry Lipstick Is a Game-Changer

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
This Hack for Fixing Dry Lipstick Is a Game-Changer

We’re here to put it plainly: Nothing is worse than a dried-out lipstick. Having your favorite shades completely cake out when you apply them to your lips is the literal worst, and it’s even more problematic for the longevity of the remaining bullet. The more you try to swipe on a totally dry lipstick, the more likely it is to break or dry out even more. If this happens to you, though, you don’t need to toss your lipstick. A hydrating lip conditioner or balm, like theNYX Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Lip Conditioner, just may be your savior.

Squeeze a little of this chill, lip-loving formula on the back of your hand, and swipe your dry lipstick into the mixture. We can’t promise this hack will work for every formula, we do often find that it brings lipstick bullets like the Urban Decay 24/7 Vice Lipstick back to life. Mix it well with a lip brush, and you’ll notice that the formula will become a lot more malleable and high coverage. 

Apply your newly hydrated lipstick to your lips, and continue to touch up your lip color throughout the day with a little help from the balm. Better yet, use less color and more balm to create a softer, tinted version of your favorite shade. 

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