How to Mix Lipsticks to Make Absolute Magic

How to Mix Lipsticks to Make Absolute Magic

We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve spent hours watching videos of pimple popping and people making slime — there’s just something oddly satisfying about it. Recently we discovered lipstick mixing, and while it can be painful to watch Elle’s Beauty Director Emily Dougherty cut up $40 lippies, we just can’t get enough. Maybe it’s watching the colors meld together to create something unexpected or the sound of the paint knife scraping against glass . . . either way we’re hooked. Calming effects aside, we’ve fallen in love with some of these innovative combos. Lipstick mixing is a great way to fall in love with old formulas or give your old lipsticks new life so we’ve sussed out a combo that is perfect for fall.

The Perfect Berry Recipe


½ NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick in Temptress

½ NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick in Goal Digger

A mixing tool (you can go for a paint knife like Emily or keep it super DIY with any kitchen utensil that can be used for mixing and smashing).

A small jar

Step 1: Twist the tubes of lipstick to the amount of lipstick you’d like to mix. You can slice off a small piece or cut up the whole thing — it’s totally up to you.

Step 2: Mix the two together by smashing and mixing the two products. Mix until blended into a new color.

Step 3: Depending on how much you made, scrape the contents into a small container of your choice and enjoy your new lippie!

When mixed, these two lipsticks become the perfect berry color — ideal for a fall makeup look. The best part about this hack is that the results are totally up to you; you can add more or less for a customized color. Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix colors, textures and finishes — the possibilities are endless (just like with slime)! 

See the magic in action: 


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