6 Lip Balms With SPF for Perfect-for-Summer Lips

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
6 Lip Balms With SPF for Perfect-for-Summer Lips

Just like hair elastics and bobby pins, lip balms have a knack of disappearing even though we own approximately 1,000. But now that we’re midway through summer with the sunburn to prove it (you can never wear enough sunscreen, kids) you need to be able to locate at least one lip balm with SPF at all times. Whether that’s a tinted lip balm that looks like a lipstick, a dermatologist-recommended formula or the highest SPF you can find, be sure your favorite doesn’t go missing like the rest of  ’em.

As a general reminder, no matter what level of sun protection factor you choose, you need to reapply at least once every two hours to keep your lips safe. Feel like you put too much product on your lips? Add even more — you can never have too much. Keep reading to learn more about six of our favorite lip balms that contain SPF.

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