Biotherm has just launched a new detoxifying range and your skin is going to love it!

October 11, 2017
Biotherm has just launched a new detoxifying range and your skin is going to love it!

Pollution can wreak havoc on our skin. Now that fall is full swing and we have returned back to our busy routines, our skin often needs a little more TLC and a detox is the perfect way to give our skin a bit of extra care this time of year. Biotherm has just come out with a new detoxifying range and your skin will absolutely love it! Rising pollution is something we often don’t think about in terms of skincare but it has an undeniable effect on our skin’s functionality and appearance. Pore enlargement, an increase in oiliness, dark spots, fragility, and roughness are signs that pollution is manifesting in your skin. This is where the new range from Biotherm can help!   The new Skin Oxygen range consists of four new products, all of which contain natural Chlorella extract. Chlorella extract is known as "the breathing algae" and helps to strengthen natural skin defense while acting to liberate the skin from toxic urban attacks.

Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion

The Skin Oxygen Oxygenating Lotion frees skin from impurities. 99% of the ingredients are natural and the lightweight texture feels gentle and soothing on the skin. The lotion helps to reduce clogged-up pores and minimize their appearance. It also works to rebalance tone and sebum so your skin can breathe again!


Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate

The Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate is an antioxidant serum that helps to fight against urban damage. This serum strengthens your skin’s defense and repairs visible damage due to environmental stressors. Skin looks luminous and healthy after using this one!

Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser 

The Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser works to trap and remove impurities without drying out the skin.

Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel

Lastly, the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel reinforces the skin's barrier function against pollution. It sits well under makeup and protects the skin so it can breathe all day long.

All of the products have a nice, fresh scent which you’re bound to love! The lightweight textures of the products feel refreshing on the skin and are effective without feeling heavy or clogging your pores. You’re left with skin that feels deeply cleansed and detoxed! The 24-hour skincare range transforms skin in just 7 days! Within the first week you see clear,  luminous, radiant skin. Excess sebum and other imperfections are diminished so you can have your best skin yet!