Yes, You Need a Glitter Primer — Here’s Why

February 15, 2018
Yes, You Need a Glitter Primer — Here’s Why

If you’ve hung out in the halls of the MakeupAddiction subreddit or spent any time on Instagram, you know loose powders and pigments are key to achieving those super pigmented, kira-kira ready eye looks you know and love. But when it comes to glittery shadows, pigments and cosmetic glitters — a regular primer or concealer just won’t cut it. To get this look (and to make sure it stays on all night), you’ll need a primer that will adhere the pigment or glitter to your eye without an embarrassing amount of fallout or mess.

Enter the holy grail of loose pigment primers: NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Primer. This primer (beloved by beauty junkies everywhere) minimizes fallout and safely helps glitters adhere to the eye. The best part? The formula is creamy, easy to apply and has a tacky finish that helps the glitter stay exactly where it’s placed. If glitter isn’t your thing and you love to play with bright matte pigments and shimmers instead, it’s time to add the NYX Professional Makeup Pigment Primer to your beauty stash. Specifically formulated for powdery pigments (glitters just won’t adhere as well with this primer, hence the name) — the NYX Pigment Primer delivers a similar, longwearing result that prevents creasing, smudging and fading. In other words, both products help your pigments live up to their full, shimmery potential.

To apply, use a flat shader brush and tap the primer onto the lid. Next, place the loose pigment into the cap and tap the product onto the eye with the same brush.

Want to see the NYX Glitter Primer in action? UK beauty blogger Amy — known as Amy’s Makeup Box on social media — shows you how to get the most out of your glitter primer in her prom makeup tutorial, ahead:

If you’re itching to see how the new NYX Pigment Primer plays with the Shimmer Down Pigments currently setting the internet ablaze, look no further. Makeup With Naya shows us how it’s done, below: