Why You Should Wear Eyeshadow Primer, According to a Makeup Artist

April 13, 2020
By: Tembe Denton-Hurst | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

If you’re a makeup artist (either self-proclaimed or professional) one thing we can all relate to is the struggle of making a good eyeshadow look last. Enter eyeshadow primer. The eye product that makes a world of difference in the pigment and longevity of your shadow. If you’re not sure whether an eyeshadow primer is worth adding to your daily makeup routine, Los Angeles-based makeup pro Emily Oliver shares the benefits of eyeshadow primer, ahead. 

What Exactly Is Eyeshadow Primer?

Eyeshadow primer is a liquid- or cream-based product that is applied on the eyelids to make shadows and eyeliner go on smoother and last longer. It serves as a double-sided tape of sorts that grips to both your lid and your eye makeup, ensuring your artfully applied shadow doesn’t budge. You can also use it to help enhance your makeup hues and make them look even brighter.

Here’s How Eyeshadow Primer Works:

Primer creates a base for the eyelids, absorbing excess oil and allowing for an even surface to apply makeup. Without primer, greasy eyelids can cause eyeshadows to get that “creased” effect throughout the day, have patchy and uneven application or even disappear entirely in a matter of hours.

Also, just like lips, eyelids often have a slight natural pigment or tone to them that can make it difficult for certain shadow colors to pop. Primers, especially those with nude or white tones to them, serve as clean canvases that allow any and all shadow colors to stand out. 

How to Apply Eyeshadow Primer Like a Pro

After applying your daily eye creams and facial moisturizers, squeeze a tiny bit of primer onto a flat eyeshadow brush or your fingertips. The layer should be thin and quickly absorbed into the skin, so it can make the area smooth and shadow-ready. Use rapid, gentle tapping motions to blend the formula into the skin. Start at your lash line and work all the way into the brows (yes, the brows — this will make your brow products last longer, too). Remember to apply primer under the bottom lashes as well if you intend to use shadow or liner there. Allow about a minute for the formula to dry and absorb.

Ready to pick an eyeshadow primer? See a few of our favorites, ahead:

Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

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