Styling Mistakes to Avoid If You Have Thick Hair

August 03, 2022
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Thick Hair? Don’t Make These 5 Styling Mistakes
Thick hair is a blessing and a curse — on one hand, you never have to worry about a lack of volume. On the other hand, it can sometimes be hard to manage. Keep reading to find the top thick hair styling no-no’s to ensure a good hair day every single day.

Thinning Thick Hair Out Too Much

One of the most common ways hairstylists trim long, thick hair is by thinning it out. While removing some weight from your hair may seem like the best way to make it more manageable, over-thinning thick hair can cause unwanted volume from the shorter layers left behind during the thinning process. 

Thinning the hair out too much can also fray the ends of your hair, leaving it looking stringy and unhealthy. Layering hair properly is the best way to eliminate your hair’s bulkiness without compromising the look or integrity of your hair. 

Not Considering Your Commitment to Styling Before a Haircut

If you’ve been toying with the idea of a super-short cut to make your thick hair more manageable, you should know that shorter hair doesn't always mean less work. For a shorter style that will work well with thick hair, try a bixie haircut — it’s essentially a less structured version of a bob and has flattering choppy layers. Aside from being totally on-trend, this haircut helps to distribute the weight of your hair more evenly and can be less high-maintenance to style than a pixie. 

Not Using the Right Shampoo or Conditioner 

Many people with thick hair stock up on formulas that are too heavy — and, therefore, weigh it down even more. Thick hair tends to retain more oil due to the density of the hair strands. Over time, this can create buildup, leaving your hair lackluster and dull. With thick hair, it’s important to properly cleanse it to avoid this buildup effect. Try a gentle clarifying shampoo, like the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Clarifying Shampoo.

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Hair Reset Clarifying Shampoo

Getting It Chemically Straightened 

If you have thick hair and have gotten chemical straightening treatments in the hopes that it will make your hair easier to style, you know that these treatments can change the natural texture of your hair. The result is possibly compromised, over-processed, hard-to-manage hair. 

Avoiding Layers

Finding the right cut for thick hair can be a challenge, but like we mentioned before, you can never go wrong with long layers. Creating a long layering pattern will not only shed some weight from your hair, as well as give you more styling versatility and a beautiful shape.



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