5 Places You Never Thought to Apply Highlight On

February 16, 2021
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
5 Places You Never Thought to Highlight Your Face

In our eternal quest for radiant, illuminated skin, we’ve decided that highlighting our cheekbones simply isn’t enough on the days when we want to look a little more glam. Luckily, we’ve spent some serious quality time with our (extensive) highlighter stash and have discovered a few unsuspecting places to pop on shimmer. Ahead, find the five spots that can up your highlighter game and give your face a major glow up. 

An All Over Glow 

To get an all over glow, make sure you prep your skin with a dewy primer, like the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer. It’s a natural way to amp up your radiance before even layering on foundation. You can apply the product with your fingers or a brush. 

Top of the Forehead

Highlighting the top of your forehead prevents the face from looking flat (a common beauty blunder associated with too much bronzer) and brightens up the entire face. Application here should be very sheer and look natural rather than powdery. One of our favorite techniques is to mix in some liquid highlighter with foundation and tap it on with a makeup sponge. NYX California Beamin’ Glow Booster Liquid Highlighter is our go-to pick for lit-from-within shimmer.

Below Your Brow Bone 

While you may not have racked up eight hours of sleep last night, popping some highlight below your brow bone and above your eyebrow arch will make you look wide-eyed and well rested. Focusing highlighter around your eyebrow can give the appearance of a mini eye lift. We love the Bodyography Inner Glow Stick. It’s an easy-to-use pencil with a creamy consistency and amazing glow. 

Center of the Eyelid 

Whether you did a full-on smoky eye or are going the  neutral route, the eyelid is an unsuspecting spot to highlight, but can make a big difference. We recommend a powder for this step, like the Lancôme Dual Finish Highlighter. Use a flat brush to pack the product on the center of your lid and in the inner corner of your eye. This trick will make your eyes twinkle — no joke. Pro tip: If you want a foiled look, spritz setting spray on your highlighter and then apply.

The Cupid’s Bow 

The ‘V’ of your cupid’s bow is also a great spot to pop on some highlighter; it creates the appearance of fuller lips. Apply it with your finger and use a soft touch. When the light catches, your lips will look especially plumped.  

Photo:  Melissa San Vicente-Landestoy

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