The Best Style of Layers for Your Face Shape and Hair Type

October 07, 2019
By: Zachary Morad | by L'Oréal
The Best Style of Layers for Your Face Shape and Hair Type

Most women walk into a salon and tell their stylist to give their hair a trim, keep the layers long and the length intact. There’s no denying this is the safe way to go about getting a haircut. And while this prevents you from getting a bad haircut, it also prevents you from getting a really good one. Haircuts and layers should always compliment your face shape. To determine the best hairstyle to fit your unique look, find the best cuts for face-framing layers, ahead.

Layers for an Oval Face Shape
When picking the perfect layers for a narrow, oval-shaped face, avoid a cut that will make your face appear too long. Face-framing, longer layers will keep the attention centered on your beautiful face, as opposed to the no-layer look that will lengthen your face. Try a long hairstyle with layers starting just under the chin to show off that face shape and give it a more chiseled look.

Layers for a Square Face Shape
If your forehead and jawline run parallel to each other, you most likely have a square face shape. In this case, the wrong kind of layers can make your face seem broad. Go easy on the layering, keeping them light and not overly defined to create the illusion of a softer jawline. An ideal look for those with a square face is the long bob. This chic style will elongate your face and create a soft, feminine look.

Layers for a Round Face Shape
Round-shaped faces typically have little to no natural contouring in their structure. While this may seem like a negative thing, it means you have a lot of options when it comes to flattering layers. Long, mono-length looks give the illusion of a longer face, while shorter, choppy styles give the appearance of higher cheekbones and a more defined jawline. An A-line bob is a great way to flatter a round face as it creates a more angular structure.

Layers for a Heart Face Shape
Heart-shaped faces typically consist of a broadened forehead, narrow jaw and more defined cheekbones. When catering to a heart-shaped face, it's best to layer the hair in such a way that they naturally fall away from the face as opposed to hugging it. This helps broaden the jawline and balance out your facial structure.

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