How to Use Pastel Liners to Brighten Up Your Look

July 26, 2017
By: Megan McIntyre | by L'Oréal
How to Use Pastel Liners to Brighten Up Your Look

How to Use Pastel Liners to Brighten Up Your Look 

The hottest new trend in makeup is one you’d probably least expect — pastel liners. Yes, Easter egg hues like mint green, pale pink, lilac, and even white are making a big splash everywhere from YouTube to the red carpet. “The rise of pastel liners has opened up a world of possibilities,” raves L.A. based makeup artist Tony Tulve. And, while pastel eyes might seem tricky, they’re actually surprisingly easy to pull off. They’re a modern alternative to your basic black and brown, but are just as flattering and way more versatile.

Think of pastels like metallics — they can open up the eye like a highlighter, but with a cool burst of color. And they save you time because once you’ve got one of these shades on, the rest of your look should be more muted, so as not to overwhelm. You can even go completely bare and apply nothing more than liner, mascara, and a great brow product.

Our 6 Best Pastel Liner Hacks to Amp Up Your Eye LooK

Pastel Liner Hack #1: Accent Your Waterline

Tulve confirms that there truly are myriad uses for these tea-party shades beyond just adding a cool color to your look. “These shades look great in the waterline,” he says, because they add lightness that helps open up the whole eye area and makes the whites of eyes appear even whiter.

Pastel Liner Hack #2: Use It as An Eyeshadow Base

Not only will the pale hues brighten up a lid, but they also work as “a good base for glitter or more iridescent pigments to keep them in place,” Tulve notes. The pastel liner adds extra vibrancy to whatever shadow you layer on top.

Pastel Liner Hack #3: Elongate Your Eyes

If you want to be sneaky, one of his favorite tricks is to extend the liner just outside your waterline to create the illusion of a wider eye.

Pastel Liner Hack #4: Highlight Your Brows

Use a more neutral shade like white, peach or pale pink to give your brows the illusion of a lift. Simply draw underneath and a bit on top and then gently smudge the line for a subtle highlight effect.

Pastel Liner Hack #5: Recreate the Cat-Eye

You’re probably so used to doing this look in black that you can’t imagine it any other way, but done in cobalt blue or mint green it will breathe new life into the classic look, while also adding a fresh burst of color to your face.

Pastel Liner Hack #6: Spotlight Your Inner Corners

The area between your nose and corner of your eyes can often get dark due to a myriad of reasons, which is often why makeup artists add a touch of highlight to the area to help open up the eye. Usually done in a shimmery white, peach or pearly gold, use just a small amount as to subtly add light without looking like a disco ball. Or use a yellow or green liner to extend all the way around the tear duct (top and bottom), and across top and bottom lash lines. The yellow neutralizes blue or purple (like dark circles) and the green helps to diminish redness so your eyes look bright!

Our 6 Best Pastel Eye Liners That Will Brighten Up Your Eye Makeup Look

Not sure which shade is right for you? We asked Tulve to tell us how he uses his favorite hues. Check out his guide, then grab a liner and go to town. We’ve done you a solid and rounded up some of our faves. Use any one of these beauties to add light, dimension and a fun dash of color to even the simplest of looks. 

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