3 Ways to Wear Pink Makeup This Spring

March 04, 2021
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If you like to coordinate your makeup looks with the seasons, you likely know the recurring trends. Fall and winter are all about rich and moody hues, whereas the summer generally calls for pops of bright colors. And for spring beauty? You can never go wrong with any shade of pink. No matter what your aesthetic is, there’s a way to incorporate pink into your makeup routine this season — whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or somewhere in between. Check out three of our fave pink makeup tutorials that are perfect for spring, ahead.

For the Minimalist

It can be tricky to pull off pink eyeshadow without looking like you have, well, pink eye. But a soft wash of pink with a metallic finish, like the below look by @makeupbybrookehill is fun, feminine and far from sickly.

If You’re Somewhere in Between

If you’d describe your aesthetic as part-maximalist, part-minimalist, you need to try recreating this look by pro makeup artist Jonet Williamson. She used a mix of warm brown, lavender and blush shades to create a halo effect around the eye. The soft, diffused finish keeps it from being too in-your-face, but the addition of a rhinestone (affixed with lash glue) on the inner corner of each eye takes the look from pretty to head-turning. 

For the Maximalist

If the words “glitter” and “cut-crease” don’t intimidate you on their own, let alone when they’re used in the same sentence, then we suggest giving this look created by YouTube vlogger Smitha Deepak a try. It definitely dispels any notion that pink eyeshadow is just for daytime wear.


Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

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