It's Not a Phase, Mom: The Coolest Goth Makeup Looks on Instagram

August 30, 2021
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | by L'Oréal
Our Favorite Goth Makeup Looks on Instagram for 2021

Whether you’re a diehard fan of bands like Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees or just have a strong penchant for black eyeliner, there’s no denying that goth makeup looks incredibly cool. It’s a great way to experiment with graphic eyeliner shapes, paint on deep, vampy lips and smoke out your eyes. Keep reading for our favorite goth makeup looks on Instagram, from bleached-out brows to spiked liquid eyeliner. 

Black Vinyl Lips


For a true jet-black lip, reach for the NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lipstick in Alien. Content creator @mod.ghoul layered a slick clear lip gloss on top for a high-shine finish.

Bleached Brows


Bleached brows and pale-colored contacts provide a striking contrast to this pink and black, airbrushed-feel makeup.

Dramatic Liner


Want to take the reverse winged eyeliner trend up a notch? Try painting your liner in dramatic swirls and spikes that trail all the way down your cheeks. We also love how @jinxaddie sharpened the corners of their lips with a lip pencil.

Pastel Goth


If you were on Tumblr between 2013 and 2015, you probably remember the pastel goth trend, characterized by a combination of fluffy pink dresses and bows and more traditional goth accessories, such as chokers and platform boots. This look totally reminds us of that creepy-cute aesthetic.

Chain Link Brows


Can’t commit to shaved brows, but still want to try this cool chain link style? Consider gluing the hairs down and covering them with concealer and powder.

’80s Goth


Take inspiration from your favorite goth and new wave artists with this structured power brow and winged liner combo. Voluminous, asymmetrical hair is optional but encouraged.

Photo: @jinxaddie

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