10 Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow for Drool-Worthy Flatlays

January 02, 2020
Jessica Harrington
By: Jessica Harrington | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
10 Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow for Drool-Worthy Flatlays

Who doesn’t love a good makeup flatlay? I think I can speak for all of the editors at Makeup.com when I say we spend far more time than we would like to admit scrolling through Instagram. My personal feed is a collection of a few things — various friends and family members, a few (or more)  Insta-famous dogs here and there, and most importantly, beauty accounts — lots and lots of beauty accounts. I can’t open the app without seeing at least one makeup or skin-care product picture, and that’s exactly how I like it. 

From accounts that color coordinate their products and make us aspire to be that level of organized, to shelfies that are filled with lipsticks, foundation bottles and highlighters that make us swoon, it’s enough to make us spend hours on Instagram (gladly, may I add) drooling over the content. To give your feed a makeover, these are the best beauty Instagram accounts to follow — besides ours, of course! Follow us @makeupdotcom.

For makeup, skin-care and fragrance shots galore, @fromsandyxo has us scrolling, and scrolling — and scrolling — to see all of her beautiful product shots. 

The detailed and informative captions on @makeupsessions posts make us stop and read up about all of the new products she’s been loving lately. 

For an account that will make you want to renovate your entire bathroom just to include more shelfie space, @beautylookbook is your girl. 

If you need to chill out and unwind, just scroll through the Instagram of @designbyaikonik. The color coordination is everything!

The photos on @editionalbeauty scream luxury, even when they feature drugstore products. She’s just that good. 

The pastel queen of flatlays is @kaibeautykai, with her darling assortment of makeup, skin care and hair accessories.

We have @cheekmeout to thank for adding a touch of color to our feed every day. If we could shop her personal makeup collection our lives would be made. 

To discover new products, see beautiful photography and get some major storage inspiration for your beauty stash, look no further than @champagneglow. 

Very few makeup and skin-care collections compare to that of @dewymaddie. One scroll through her profile and you’re sure to find about a hundred of your favorite products.

The feed of @francisca.carvalhoo is a gold-toned, glowing work of beauty flatlay art. 

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