Yin-Yang Nails Are the Good Vibes We Need RN

August 06, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

Whether you like the black and white juxtaposition, believe in duality or are prone to mood swings, a yin-yang symbol is the perfect way to balance out your vibe and spice up your manicure. The ancient sign not only makes for a super chic and chill nail art design, but it is also shockingly easy to DIY. From funky color pairings and traditional, sleek patterns to floral-embellished yin-yang nail art, our Instagram feed is filled with cosmic inspo. So keep reading, because we’re rounding up our favorite yin-yang mani ideas, ahead. 

Black & White, Baby 

Mercury was in retrograde for a heck of a long time, so this month we’re making it our mission to balance the chaos. Our first step? Recreating this sophisticated and elegant manicure. The black and white color pairing is a classic, too. Grab some polish and let the good vibes roll in. 

Some Sweet Swirls 

Just because you save your dark polishes for the winter months doesn’t mean the yin-yang trend isn’t attainable in the summer. Just swap out the black and white for another complementary color duo. We’re loving the girly vibe of this red, white and pink look, but feel free to switch it up with the shades of your choosing. 

Summer State of Mind

If picking a single colorway is your biggest manicure struggle, we have some good news. You can embrace the rainbow with this trend. Just paint each hand a different color and the color-choosing dilemma is solved. You can also put a different shade on every nail.

The Breakdown 

Not quite sure how to DIY this look? Fear not — this tutorial has you covered. Just grab a sponge, a detail brush and a dotting tool and press play. The layering definitely requires some dry time in between each step, but overall getting this look is easy. 

Flower Power 

Give us a yin-yang symbol, a flower design and pastel polish and our obsession is bound to follow. This take on the trend is next-level adorable and #summergoals.

On Fire 

Just because the yin-yang symbolizes peace and harmony doesn’t mean your mani can’t be fierce. Case in point? This flaming hot pink look with lightning bolts, checkers, fire and a yin-yang sign to boot. It’s giving us edgy, cool-girl vibes that we want to recreate, STAT. 

Image by @alittlelesstatty

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