The Best Fall Nail Inspiration Trending on Pinterest Right Now

October 30, 2020
By: | by L'Oréal

You could spend days scrolling through fall nail art designs on Pinterest — and that’s not even an exaggeration. A quick search of the site will spit out every Halloween-inspired design imaginable, every autumnal landscape you could squeeze onto a nail and every moody fall color palette possible. But in case you don’t have time to scour the multitudes of options, we’re highlighting five of the top trending fall nail art looks on Pinterest right here. 

An Animal Print Mani

Created with rich, warm hues, this cheetah print nail art look is perfect for fall. In this pin, Essie demonstrates how to achieve it using the shades Don't Be Spotted and Cargo Cameo.

A Neutral Rainbow

We never knew cool-toned neutral polishes could look so, well, cool until we saw this gradient mani, which features a different shade on each nail. 

A Leaf Accent Nail 

A leaf motif makes for an excellent accent nail. In this design, we love how the orange shade of the leaves pops against the matte blue nail. 

A Glitter Gradient Nail

Don’t save your glitter nail polish for the holidays. This mani is proof that with the right shades, a glitter gradient design is completely fall-appropriate. 

A Fall French Mani

The French manicure is back, but not in the way you remember it from the early ’00s. New iterations feature fun colors and abstract designs. We’ve been obsessed with this look that nail artist Nyah created for us earlier in the season, and users on Pinterest seem to be loving it just as much as we do right now. 

Photo: Nyah

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