The Most Gorgeous Birthstone-Inspired Manicures

August 13, 2021
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal
The Most Gorgeous Birthstone-Inspired Manicures

Choosing a nail polish color at the salon is no easy task — I used to spend almost 20 minutes deciding which shade I wanted. This year, I decided to make the selection process more of a breeze by choosing my nail color based on each month’s birthstone. So far, the gemstone colors have been exciting, vivid and different from what I would typically pick, making my manicures so much more fun. If you want to try something new or just want to match your birthstone, keep reading for nail art inspired by each stone.

January: Garnet

Replicate the way this gem sparkles by using a chunky red-tinted glitter over a deep burgundy base like Essie Ace of Shades.

February: Amethyst

For February’s birthstone, you can keep things simple by choosing any shade of violet or you can turn your fingertips into crystals by recreating this intricate design from @acriliqaddict.

March: Aquamarine

Paint your nails with Essie Seas The Day in March when you’re dreaming of the warmer days ahead — the blue-green shade reminds us of summertime and clear waters.

April: Diamond

Instead of adding gems to your nails try blinging out your next French mani by using a silver glitter polish — the effect is truly glamorous.

May: Emerald

Incorporate this regal stone into your next manicure by painting your nails a deep forest green and adding emerald gems for a head turning look.

June: Pearl

Pearl details always look elegant — whether you’re looking for wedding nail inspo or just want to upgrade a French manicure.

July: Ruby

Ruby red nails are perfect for the summertime. Make a statement by asking your nail tech for long, coffin-shaped nails, fiery red polish and chunky gemstones.

August: Peridot

Choose a light olive green color to match the peridot gem in August — we think the hue is perfect for the last weeks of summer.

September: Sapphire

Imitate a sapphire’s multidimensional sparkle by experimenting with different nail polish finishes in a single manicure. Here @kates.nail.korner incorporates matte, glitter and chrome polishes into the look.

October: Pink Tourmaline

A classic pink manicure is great year round, and especially in October. We like painting on three coats of Essie Wet-Suited Up for subtle yet insta-worthy nails.

November: Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz is known for its sparkling clarity. To match it, try this delicate golden nail art from @nailedbyshawnakay.

December: Tanzanite

The tanzanite gemstone’s indigo color reminds us of the night sky. Select a deep purple shade like Essie Expressie IRL to create a starry night on your fingertips — it’ll look even better if you add some glitter, too.
Photo: @gaby_polish

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