The Best Hair Masks for Every Hair Concern

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | by L'Oréal
The Best Hair Masks for Every Hair Concern

There seems to be a mask out there for everything – masks for major facial detoxing, hydration, antioxidants and more. But when it comes to the best hair masks, knowing exactly what they’re used for and when to use them can feel a little vague. “Hair masks are helpful in many ways,” says Kérastase Celebrity Hairstylist Fugate. “They can serve as armour for your color or rehab for your lost luster – depending on what mask you are using, you can literally change the health and radiance of your hair.”

Fugate urges you to splurge when you’re looking for the best hair mask for your hair. “You deserve the best,” he says. “So get the best hair mask and hair care products for your hair.” Fugate also suggests avoiding falling victim to trends. “I always recommend avoiding trendy products and sticking to technology and products that have science behind them so you know they work,” he explains.

Below, shop six of the best hair masks for all different types of hair issues.

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