50+ Effortless Hairstyle Ideas You Can Totally DIY

50+ Effortless Hairstyle Ideas You Can Totally DIY

Doing your hair is hard work. Especially when you have five minutes in the morning and a huge pimple threatening to set up shop on your chin. That’s why we love effortless hairstyles — the ones that take barely any time yet somehow manage to look perfectly put together. With that in mind we’ve compiled our favorite YouTube tutorials with looks that are easy to DIY and take less than 10 minutes.

Peep our picks, ahead:

If Your Hair’s Already Kind of Done...

>These 10 heatless hairstyles by Roxxsaurus are the perfect solution for someone whose hair is already kind of done but feels like it’s missing a little extra something. Follow along as she walks you through a variety of ponytails, braids and updos — all of which require a minimal amount of skill and a bobby pin or two.

For the Aspiring Instagram Baddie…

If you’re going for a early 2000’s vibe, these looks by Koleen Diaz are a must try. She easily transitions from bun to updo and back to an ultra-long ponytail, proving that medium-length hair can be versatile too.

When the Straight-Down Look is Driving You Crazy

Box-braids are one of the best protective styles for someone who’s tight on time, but can get boring after weeks of wearing them straight down. Enter this tutorial by Kenzey Cooper where she shows you 10 different styles to help you switch up your look.


When You Just Got A Cut

So you’ve cut your hair into a bob or a lob, and now you don’t know what to do with it asides from flip it from side to side and maybe put a curl in it. Enter this tutorial by Milabu, who shares 10 different low ponytails you can do in just a few steps.

When Your Length Feels Awkward

While figuring out styles after a big chop can be difficult, finding styles you like for the awkward in-between-short-and-long stage can feel nearly impossible. Cue the tutorial ahead by DisIsReyRey where she shows you five quick and easy tutorials you can achieve using gel, a brush and a few ponytail holders.

When You’re Feeling Lazy (It’s Okay!!)

If you’re a few too many days past wash day, give this tutorial by QueenyKaay a try. She shares options for salvaging dirty hair in the tutorial ahead so you can get away with neglecting your hair for a few more days.

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