4 Humidity-Fighting Hairstyles That Will Get You Through the Rest of Summer

By: Alanna Martine Kilkeary | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
4 Humidity-Fighting Hairstyles That Will Get You Through the Rest of Summer

While some people will say that the soaring temperatures are summer’s biggest pain-in-the-you-know-what, many of us know that it’s the sky-high humidity that’s the real scourge of the season. In addition to making you feel like you just stepped into swamp every time you open your door, it also wreaks major havoc on our hair. Puffy, frizzy, out of control — it doesn’t matter what your hair type is, humidity will find a way to annoy you and your hair to no end.

The only way to cope with this muggy menace is to have a no-fail hairstyle you can turn to when things get out of hand. But if you’ve been defaulting to the basic ponytail or messy top-knot, you’re missing out. There are plenty of cool and exciting ‘dos out there that will stand up against humidity while looking absolutely amazing on you.

To get to the bottom of how to achieve these effectively, we consulted Redken Global Creative Director (and hair genius) Guido Palau to discover the best humidity proof styles around. We got the scoop on exactly how to recreate them, as well as what products you’ll need to bring your mane masterpiece to life. From New York to Paris, these looks are ready for the runway AND to stop humidity in its tracks. Gorgeous summer hair here you come!

Double Trouble Twists

Need to give your regular updo a little extra something? Space buns is the way to go. With its unconventional part, small twin knots, and sleek texture, it’s “elegant and polished but with simple and young charm,” says Palau.

How To Get The Look:

1. Start off on damp hair for this one and create a clean, deep side part.

2. Follow that up with Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam on the hairline.

3. Blowdry your hair with a round brush.

4. Once dry, make a center part at the back of the head and create a low ponytail on each side.

5. After securing your ponytails with elastics, twist each one into a low, tight knot.

6. Make sure the knots are symmetrical and that they are placed directly beneath your ears. Secure each twist with hair pins.

7. Spray Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray all over for maximum hold. Double the buns means double the fun, so get out there and enjoy that rad ‘do!

Controlled Curls

Sometimes the best way to deal is to just go with the humid flow. For those with natural curls, dragging out a blowdryer and attempting to smooth out your hair is an exercise in futility — your curls are going to come back out as the day wears on. So instead of fighting them, embrace them. As Guido proved time and time again on the fashion week runways, you can keep your coils and avoid frizz without a lot of product, time, or effort.

How To Get The Look:

1. For this look, apply a pea-size amount of Diamond OilGlow Dry Style Enhancing Blow Dry Oil to damp locks to make hair softer and add some healthy shine.

2. Use your fingers — this will create a bit more of a natural look than using a comb or brush — to create a center-part then let your locks air dry.

3. If your curls need more definition, take a curling iron and create small bends (not full curls!) on random sections of your hair and brush through.

4. If your hair still has a bit of frizz, take a little more Glow Dry and smooth it over any fuzzy bits. There you have it: Summer-ready curls in just four easy steps!

Not Your Basic Topknot

There’s no doubt in our minds that the topknot is one of summer and fall’s most practical style choice. It’s easy, it gets your hair off your neck, and it’s socially acceptable to wear it inside and outside of a yoga studio. Guido describes it as “a bit tomboyish with a feminine twist” and after seeing its slicked down top and tightly braided nape, we completely agree.

How To Get The Look:

1. Start by sectioning off the area from your forehead down to about an inch above your ear. Clip this top section up and out of the way, then apply a dollop of Braid Aid 03 Braid Defining Lotion to the loose hair at the back of your head.

2. This will be the hair that will make up the braids — Braid Aid gives them both the smoothness and grip the hair will need to make those plaits stay put.

3. Divide that hair into three sections (four if your hair is super-thick), then flip your head upside down and French braid each section from the nape of your neck to just above the ear.

4. Secure each braid with a small elastic.

5. For the topknot portion, unclip your hair and coat strands evenly with Guts 10 to add lift, shine, and hold.

6. Blow dry hair smooth, then pull it into a tight ponytail at the top of the head, just behind the ears.

7. Make a small loop with the hair, about a third of the way down, and secure with an elastic.

8. Wrap the remaining hair around the loop and secure with hair pins or another elastic.

9. Give your ‘do a good spritz with Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray and get ready to get all of the compliments.


The Epic Romance Braid

We’re going to go ahead and say that this one is just about the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen. Guido described it as “Victorian-inspired but in a 1970’s way.” We dig it. But, the best part of this sweet style? It is shockingly easy to create. No, really!

How To Get The Look:

1. Use your fingers to create a clean center part, then let your hair air dry completely.

2. Grab a curling iron and start curling randomly selected pieces of hair to create some natural movement.

3. Take the front one-inch section of hair on your right and curl it away from the face. Repeat on the left side.

4. Pull those two pieces to back of the head, cross over each other and secure with a bobby pin on each side.

5. Add lightweight texture by spraying the hair at the back of your head with Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray.

6. Begin loosely braiding your hair into one big plait, starting it just below the pinned section.

7. Secure with a hair tie and then use your fingers to create extra volume and texture at the crown. Now you’ve got a soft and wispy style with a romantic heroine vibe that will look stellar with all those pretty sundresses you’ve been stocking up on.

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