6 Protective Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Winter

6 Protective Hairstyles That Are Perfect for Winter

With winter nearly here (it’s getting colder by the day), it’s time to tuck away those ends and pull out your favorite protective style. Protective styling is perfect for the winter, when hair and skin tends to be dry and more difficult to keep moisturized. This rings particularly true for natural hair, especially curl types that are prone to single-strand knots and breakage. Protective styles can range from a bun to braids and lots of looks in between — the main goal being to protect your ends and keep your hair moisturized until warmer, less-dry weather returns. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite protective styles to inspire your next look — from a braided ponytail you can do in a few minutes to the twisted look you can install and forget about for a few weeks.

See our picks, ahead:

Quick and Easy to DIY

DiamondCandyTV proves that protective styling can be quick and painless in the tutorial ahead, sharing how she creates a braided hairstyle that keeps her ends moisturized and hair protected. The added hair jewelry takes the look to the next level and is an easy way to elevate any bun or braid you desire.

Braids, Braids and More Braids

If you have a little more time on your hands, try these braided styles by JessCreationss. The looks ahead are ideal for someone who doesn’t want to use added hair but wants a style that will last at least a week. To get the look she uses a variety of braids and twists that can be achieved with a little practice and a lot of patience.


Juicy Mini Twists That Will Last

Mini twists are one of our favorite styles, mainly because it becomes an entirely different hairstyle once you take them down (which you can also rock for a few days after). See how to achieve juicy mini twists in this tutorial by IAMTRAEH, where she teaches you how to get perfect twists that will last.


The Go-To Look

Box braids are a classic protective style, and one of our go-to’s. They’re long-lasting, cute, and easy to accessorize. Learn how to do them yourself in the tutorial ahead, where ForeverCryssy breaks down everything from parting to dipping and all the steps in between.


Versatility Is Key

We love crochet braids for its versatility and ability to mimic the wand curls you know and love. Crochet hair is an easy alternative to your natural texture, great for keeping your hair protected in the colder months and a fun way to experiment with color. While the style might seem difficult to achieve, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. This tutorial by Jai Marii proves it.


Can’t Master Box Braids? Try This

Marley twists are basically the lazy girl’s answer to box braids. They’re easier to install on your own, don’t need to be perfectly parted and last just as long. We love this DIY tutorial by What Lies Beneath the Weave, where she shares her tips and tricks for getting consistent, shiny twists you’ll love for weeks to come.

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