Want to Tame Your Baby Hairs? Here’s Some Great Inspo

May 27, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
pressed baby hairs

Unruly baby hairs can be tricky to tame. But once you get ’em slicked down, swooped to the side and pressed down on your forehead, those pesky baby hairs can quickly become your best accessory. All you need to get the look is water, a boar-bristle toothbrush, some styling gel and a bit of hair styling inspo. Not sure where to start? We’ve scrolled through the ’gram for you and are rounding up our favorite, sleek, swirly and wavy baby hair looks, ahead. 

Wavy Is the Way to Go 

If you’ve spent the time getting your mane super sleek and straight and don’t want little flyaways in the front, give this look by Hair by Tanky a try. She styles the baby hair in three waves, with the final one swooping around the ear. It’s a chic finish to an already amazing hairstyle. 

Top Knots and Swirls 

The past few social-distancing weeks, top knots have been our go-to. They’re easy to do, they look cute and they take all of .5 seconds to whip up. But if you want to spice up your top-knot look with some swirly baby-hair styling, look to FYA Mart Inc for inspo. The style below adds a feminine and polished edge to the low-key look. 

Hair (and Makeup) Goals 

Before we obsess over this gorge protective hairstyle and baby hair look, let’s please take a moment to acknowledge the stunning-ness of this dewy, smoky makeup look from Cynthia Diaz. Now that our makeup-appreciation moment is complete, let’s turn our attention to the baby hairs. This subtle swirl design is elegant and super chic — especially the one by the ear. 

Tamed to Perfection 

Want to go for a more subdued look? Tame your wispy baby hairs in a soft yet glamorous way like we see here. It’s not too over the top with swirls and such, but the design will still give you a styled finish. 

Watch the Waves Happen 

Whether you’re new to the baby-hair styling scene or simply want to watch a mesmerizing styling session on repeat, press play on this video by Kisha Carib. She shows you just how she gels, brushes and swoops her baby hairs for a swirly yet simple style. 

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