How to Wear Bright Eyeshadow on Your Lower Lash Line

September 16, 2020
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | by L'Oréal
person wearing pink and gold eyeshadow on eyelids and under eye
Whether you call it underliner, upside-down eye makeup, under eyeshadow or anything else in between, wearing bright eyeshadow on your lower lash line is one of our favorite makeup trends of all time. It’s bold, different and an easy way to make your makeup look pop. That being said, we know the look can be a little intimidating if you’ve never tried it. That’s why we reached out to professional makeup artist Kasey Spickard to find out how we can DIY the technique and look pretty damn cool doing so. Here’s what he had to say.

TIP 1: Balance, Balance, Balance

“This look is not for the faint of heart — it is a bold eye look after all,” says Spickard. “The key to pulling off this look is all about creating a balance between the intense pop of color you’ve created on your lower lash line.” And the look requires a few different components that pull it all together: very full top lashes paired with black winged liner or an intense cut crease and smoky eye. Or, as he suggests, “you can go full on Instagram beauty blogger and do all three together.”

TIP 2: Consult Your Color Chart

Another important thing to keep in mind when you’re experimenting with bright colored shadow on your lower lash line is to pair it with complementary makeup products. For example, “if you’re doing green on the bottom, then I recommend doing warmer browns and orange shades on the upper lid. If you’re doing purple, go cooler on that upper lid with taupe, ash brown and cool beige shades.”

How to Get the Underliner Look

STEP 1: Start With Eyeliner

Apply a colored eyeliner (like a NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil) in your lower waterline, beginning at the inner tear duct and dragging it across to the outer corner of the eye. “I like to use a liner that’s a half shade darker than the eyeshadow I’m going to be using to create dimension,” says Spickard. 

NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil

STEP 2: Smoke Out Your Eyeliner

Line your lower lash line with the same eyeliner. Make sure you don’t go too far below your lower lashes. 

STEP 3: Apply Eyeshadow 

Now, get a small scallop eyeshadow brush and tap it very lightly into the eyeshadow color you are going to use. Start to diffuse the color along the lash line using a back-and-forth “windshield-wiper” motion along the eyeliner line you made. The NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights has a fun array of colors that you can use to blend out your colored liner. 

NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights

STEP 4: Diffuse the Color

Take a clean, small smudger brush and diffuse the color using those back-and-forth “windshield-wiper” motions along the outer edge of where you placed the shadow. Doing this will eliminate the look of any harsh lines and make the color appear more seamless.

STEP 5: Finish With Mascara 

Finish with mascara on your top lashes and lower lashes to balance out the look. Be sure to use a volumizing formula, like the Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara, so that your lashes appear full. You can also cover your lower lashes in a matching colored mascara to give even more saturation to the color you’ve put on your lower lash line.

Urban Decay Lash Freak Mascara
Photo: Chaunte Vaughn

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