What Your Nail Shape Says About You

April 29, 2020
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
what your nail shape says about you

We see our nails as an accessory of sorts. They’re something that can tie a whole look together and showcase your personality, even when you’re wearing workout leggings and a T-shirt. And it’s not just crazy nail art or color choice that can speak volumes about you as a person; the mere shape of your nails says a lot more than you might think. Find out what vibes you’re putting out into the world with your go-to nail shape below.

round nail shape

Round Nails: Class Is Your Middle Name

A round nail painted with Essie’s Ballet Slippers? What could look more refined? But all the haters out there should know that you totally branch out from time to time! For the holidays, you get festive with a deep red or wintry blue shade. In spring, you keep it light with a pretty lilac or mint green. And for the summer? You might even get wild and choose an electric pink or aquamarine. But whatever shade you choose, that round shape keeps your nails appropriate for anything you do. 

square nail shape

Square Nails: You Know What You Like, and You’re Sticking to It

You got a French manicure for your first middle school dance and you haven’t looked back since. And why would you? The look is polished and you know exactly what you’re going to get, every time. Sure, that square style wasn’t exactly cool or trendy for a while, but you knew it’d be back. 

squoval nail shape

Squoval Nails: You Like to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

You don’t color inside the lines or take anything at face value. You answer a question with another question. “Round or oval?” you might ask, “Why do I have to choose?” Some might view you as indecisive, but really, you just want the best of both worlds, and you know how to get it. 

almond nail shape

Almond Nails: You’re the Trendsetter of Your Group 

Almond nails are both chic and cool at once and serve as the perfect canvas for fun nail art. Of course, you’ve known this for a while. You’re always ahead of the curve — be it with manicure trends, indie designers or new music. No matter what, you always keep that elongated oval tip looking fresh — it’s your form of self-care. 

coffin nail shape

Coffin Nails: You’re the Coolest Person You Know 

Why try to deny it? You can rock a long, bold nail like nobody’s business. As if you needed a confidence boost, coffin nails make you feel like you’re the queen of any room. Sure, people love to ask you questions like, “But how can you type with those on?” and “Don’t those things get annoying?” but really, they’re thinking, “I wonder if I could pull those off?”

stiletto nail shape

Stiletto Nails: You’re Not Afraid to Say What’s on Your Mind

Your nails are so long and sharp, they can almost be classified as a weapon. But people aren’t scared of you, they think you’re fabulous. They love how direct you are, the fact that you basically speak in sound bites and that you’re not afraid to take risks in your nail and style choices, or life in general. 

Design and Illustration: Hannah Packer

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