Spring Nail Trends That Are Going to Flood Your IG This Season

March 09, 2021
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | Makeup.com by L'Oréal

Before you know it, temperatures will start to rise, flowers will begin to bloom and spring will be in full effect. To get into the spirit, we’re starting with our nails. This season, nail art is all about getting creative. Think: abstract designs, fresh takes on classic looks and maximalist vibes. Read on to get inspired by eight nail art trends that we predict will be everywhere this spring. 

Maximalist Manis

Rita Remark, pro manicurist and Essie global educator, tells us that this is her favorite nail art trend for spring. “It involves a variety of patterns like leopard, cow or zebra paired with emojis or decals like smiley faces, yin yangs and flowers,” she says. “They can be layered over one another or paired with a classic nail art look like a French manicure.” Pro tip: “Utilizing DIY tools, like a bobby pin as a dotting tool, makes creating a cow or leopard print a breeze,” she says. 

Minimalist Accents

Don’t consider yourself a maximalist? The other end of the spectrum is just as “in.” Whether you go for dots, stars or thin lines, the key to this trend is that less is more.

Retro Vibes

The ’70s called, and it wants you to reimagine the decade’s earth-tone color palette and groovy vibe as nail art. With lava lamp-like shapes and rich, neutral shades, we can’t get enough of this retro trend

Modern Art Manis 

There are no rules to this abstract style of manicure, which means you can go wild with shapes and colors. We guarantee the end result will look nothing less than an actual piece of artwork.

French Manicure Variations

The French manicure is back and better than we all remember. Instead of opting for the traditional white painted tip, experiment with different colors, shapes and even animal prints. It’s playful, fun and super creative.

Amped-Up Pastels

Let’s be real, is it really spring without pastels? Of course not. But instead of the soft, powdery shades we’re used to, this year, we’re all about brighter, more vibrant versions of classic pastel shades. To get the look, try any shade of the Essie Expressie Dial Up Collection — or five of them at once, like @betinagoldstein did here. 

Stick and Go

You no longer have to be a nail art pro to create intricate manicures. Nail stickers have come a long way and not only do they look like the real deal, but they also come in so many fun styles. This spring, we’ll definitely be rocking this terrazzo print from Manime. 

Happy Nails

There wasn’t a lot to smile about in 2020 so this spring, we’re doubling down on giving off happy, positive energy. And with smiley faces and bright colors on your nails, it’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood. 

Photo: @thehangedit

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