These Manicures Prove Negative Space Nail Art Will Never Go Out of Style

November 04, 2021
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal

Negative space nail art is one nail trend that has stood the test of time. Not only is it super innovative and eye-catching, but it’s also incredibly versatile too. No matter your preferred nail shape — whether coffin, almond or anything in between — negative space art works for everyone. Plus, it generally grows out better than any other type of design. To help you nail the look (pun intended), we rounded up five of our favorite negative space manicures, below.

Autumnal Confetti

@nailed_in_seattle proves that multi-colored manis can be subtle yet still eye catching. Ask your nail tech to paint thin vertical lines from the middle of your nail to the tip. This design will look fresh for weeks because the negative space at the top prevents your manicure from looking grown out. 

hands with negative space nail art

Split Negative

Add personality to a traditional red manicure by painting wavy designs only near the cuticle and the tip while keeping the middle clear. Our favorite red shade of the moment is Essie Off the Record — a deep burgundy that’s perfect for fall.
hands with negative space nail art

Precise Squiggles

Crisp lines and matte polish make this negative space manicure look like a work of modern art.

hands with negative space nail art

Angular Art

Sharp angled nail art gives this manicure art deco vibes. Here, @sparklenail_bar keeps the rest of the nails simple so the negative space art can shine on one feature nail.
hands with negative space nail art

Groovy Daisies

Channel the ’70s with floral nail art and psychedelic swirls. Even though some of the designs are close to the cuticle, the negative space will allow it to still look fresh as your nails grow out.

hands with negative space nail art

Wavy French

Upgrade your traditional french manicure by choosing a fun color like Essie Go Overboard and painting fun waves along the tips of your nails.
hands with negative space nail art
Photo: @nailsbymets

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