Tinsel Eyelashes Are Here and We Think You Might Be Into It

By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Tinsel Eyelashes Are Here and We Think You Might Be Into It

Move over, Christmas tree eyebrows, — there’s a new festive trend that’s going to give you a run your money (or, at least, your Instagram likes). Enter: tinsel eyelashes. Yes, this is a real freakin’ thing that’s happening, and it’s actually quite subtle — at least compared to feathered brows that are decorated with sequins resembling holiday ornaments. Nevertheless, if you have a knack for overcommitting in the best way and consider yourself to be the most spirited person you know, we implore you to tackle both trends at the same time.

We first heard about the trend on Instagram, of course. According to POPSUGAR, the the look was first created by Regina Talpa, a 22-year-old makeup maven from Sweden who’s known for posting photos of glossy, glittery lids. To get her tinsel-lash look, Regina cut pink tinsel off of a hair tie and individually glued each piece to her top and bottom lash line. (Note: If you’re going to try this, use eyelash glue!) The finished look is not only a fun look to debut at a holiday party, but it’s also a fresh way to master the holographic makeup trend.

If you’re looking to get a similar look without meticulously gluing tinsel to your lids, Hello Giggles proposed another idea that we’re into. Simply cut small pieces of tinsel, use eyelash glue to attach them to strip of falsies and apply them as normal. Then, quickly proceed to Instagram to archive your makeup creation.

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